The Onesie: Here to Stay

Photo: Vogue

Photo: Vogue

The onesie - AKA unitard, jumpsuit, catsuit - isn't going anywhere.  Embrace its simplicity and add one to your spring workout wardrobe.  Here's where to buy it, how to wear it, and where NOT to wear it.

One-piece gym wear is here to stay.  Once reserved for Brazilian fitness models, hardcore yogis, and dancers, the onesie is suddenly ubiquitous.  When Adidas and Nike are carrying onesies, you know they've gone mainstream.  And why not?  They're the athletic wear equivalent of your favorite dress: one-step dressing at its finest.  

Beyond the laziness factor, there's something about the onesie that channels my inner Stephanie Mangano.  I might not be wearing one to practice my hustle moves, but the 70s vibe is real.  

How you rock your onesie is up to you.  As soon as you hit the mat, the onesie is best worn on its own.  No more worrying about exposing yourself in downward dog, or any other position.  At the gym, expect to feel a new freedom from tugging at a waistband or pulling down a tank top.  Outside of athletic endeavors, the onesie lends itself to running errands (when topped with a long sweater) or a casual lunch (think light jacket, and maybe something tied around the waist).  As with any other item of skintight clothing, context is key.

Office-friendly athleisure is a thing now, but a onesie crosses the line.  I'm going to go out on a limb and call that a DON'T.  Unless of course your "office" is a yoga studio.  

Here, some onesie picks for your consideration:


A great piece for the onesie newbie.  Built-in bra keeps everything in place - no need to worry about the low-cut back.  Mixed-media fabrication gives the illusion of two pieces, while side-paneling keeps things interesting.  Oh, and the fabric offers UV protection, in case you're doing beachside yoga.  Available here and here, by Koral Activewear.

The LOOK AT ME Onesie


Urbane Identity's onesies, leotards, tanks, and leggings are one of a kind.  Made by custom order, the pieces feature strategically-placed cut-outs.  Definitely NOT for the shrinking violet!  Check them out on IG @urbaneidentity for inspiration or contact directly at urbane  Orders take 1 -6 weeks for delivery.  


Both Nike and Adidas offer short onesies this season, and both are built for performance.  Featuring details like Dri-Fit technology, flat seams, and a built-in bra, the Nike Motion Training Body Suit is sure to hold everything in for a sleek look.  Adidas' Studio Onesie is a Stella McCartney design inspired by celebrity trainer Nicole Winhoffer.  She was Madonna's trainer until THIS happened.  Whoops.  ANY-who...these are both great options if you want to try a onesie from a familiar brand, but I'd personally be sure to pair either one with a top or something tied around the waist, for fear I'd look like a high school wrestler otherwise.  If you wouldn't wear bike shorts to begin with, skip these.  

Also worth checking out are sites like for a true South American onesie experience.  Be prepared to be bombarded with colors and patterns, and expect a quality item: Brazilians know their spandex.

Whichever style you choose, rock your onesie with your best accessory: confidence!