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Beef: it's what's for dinner - AND breakfast.  Add a satisfying serving of lean protein to your a.m. meal for a strong start to the day.  Here, three tasty, convenient ways to beef up your morning.  


Here’s what: nutrition news can get, in a word, confusing.  A single food can be singled out as a nutritional no-no just as quickly as it was lauded as the best thing since…I don’t know, kale?  You get the point.


Red meat falls in and out of favor on a seemingly yearly basis.  As part of an overall balanced meal pattern and active lifestyle, beef delivers a host of nutrients – more than just protein – and most importantly, flavor and satiety.  More good news: the latest beef research shows that individuals who consumed beef 4-5 times a week as part of a weight loss program lost just as many pounds – and exhibit the same improvements in lipid profiles – as those who refrained from read meat consumption.    


Here’s where us American folk could use a little help: we tend to backload on protein, consuming the least during our morning meals and the most at dinner.  Given the bevy of carbohydrate-rich, prepackaged treats catering to our busy lives, it’s no surprise that protein takes a backseat – especially when we’re literally eating in our cars.   Research suggests that a better strategy for maintenance of lean muscle mass is to spread protein intake throughout the day, and to aim for 25-30g at each meal.  Frontloading the day with a high quality protein – and veggies! – is a winning strategy. 



Words can’t express the joy I feel when I open the fridge in the morning to be greeted by leftover strip steak.  Imagine fist-pumping, and possibly some jumping up and down – all before I’ve had my coffee.  Strip steak is a lean cut that lends itself incredibly well to the eponymous steak and eggs, a quick taco, or as a topping for pita and savory-spiced Greek yogurt (think gyro vibes).  Round out any of the above with a piece of fruit and a serving of vegetables, and you’ll feel full and fueled up until lunchtime.




A burger for breakfast?  When the burger in question is made from 93/7 lean ground beef, that answer is a resounding YES!  Try a thin patty on an English muffin, and top it off with probiotic-rich kimchi, an egg, and a small dollop of peanut butter.  Trust me. 

Leftover ground beef crumbles work well with most any carb source you have in the fridge.  Last night’s rice or a tortilla + ground beef + salsa = heaven.  These easy beef and egg breakfast mugs are another delicious grab-and-go option. 



Full disclosure: I LOVE bacon.  Love, love, love.  And while it can definitely fit into a balanced diet, it’s nice to have a breakfast time understudy waiting in the wings.  This is where beef jerky steps in and shines.  Pleasantly chewy and savory, jerky delivers a serious punch of protein – 10g! – for a mere 80 calories.  Naturally, jerky pairs well with eggs, but how about with a waffle, preferably of the high-protein variety?  Sweeten up the dish with fresh or frozen berries, and you might just relegate bacon to special occasions.  Thank me later.


The bottom line: beef up - any time of day.

Enjoy your food.  Enjoy your life!