America Is Already Great - These Spandex Prove It

Did this week's presidential debate send you into a tailspin?  Lift your spirits and hit the gym in these American-made threads.  Because great-fitting spandex is hard evidence that this country is already better than great.

Run-of-the-mill, Made-In-China gym gear is all too tempting.  Fifteen bucks here, twenty bucks there, and you've built yourself an arsenal of spandex.  That is, until, the inevitable wear and tear starts to show all too soon.  Colors fade, seams rip, fabric pills, and that fast-fashion purchase quickly becomes a source of buyer's remorse.  

That's not to say that some items made in the People's Republic don't having staying power.  I've definitely clung on to some Nike gear for the better part of a decade!  But shimmying into something with a label that reads "made in the USA" just FEELS good.  Whoever you're pulling for in this election, there's one thing we can hopefully all agree on: voting with our dollars and supporting American businesses.

Politics aside, here are some American-made fitness brands for your consideration.  All the recommended attire is flattering as it is functional.  Take care of them (wash cold, hang to dry), and they'll help you look and feel your best well beyond 2020 - whatever that may bring.  


Sleek, body-hugging designs are this LA-based brand's calling card.  Sure, they look great, but they wear even better.  No tugging, sagging, or bagging, thanks to fabric technology that's ahead of the curve.  Don't be sticker-shocked by the prices - sites like backcountry feature the brand at up to 50% off.  

Koral Mystic Capri - photo courtesy

Koral Mystic Capri - photo courtesy


Another So-Cal company, KOS USA offers crops, leggings, capris, and tops in a dizzying array of patterns.  Their studio crops, pictured below, are the best bang for your buck.  I've had one pair since Obama started his second term, and they've retained their color and shape.  The 10" rise offers enough rear coverage to take you from yoga to strength training and everything in between.  

Many, many other patterns (and solids) available.

Many, many other patterns (and solids) available.



Highly-regarded as THE hot yoga brand, ONZIE deserves more street - and beach - cred.  Pick up a pair their super-comfy, yet somehow flattering gypsy pants (you'll live in them) and sports bras that BEG to be worn by the sea.  Browse the extensive selection of ONZIE at Lisa M. Clothing.  They offer fast shipping and frequent discount codes.  

Onzie gypsy pants and triangle bra. 

Onzie gypsy pants and triangle bra. 

PS: I spoke with Dan Torres, creator of the Squat Sponge - a must if you're performing hip thrusts - and it will soon be made in the USA!  Check out my other favorite butt-building gym accessory here, also American-made.  

Now go out there and stimulate the economy!

Enjoy your workout.  Enjoy your life!