Mom Types: Reality or Modern Mythic Creatures?

PTA, Crunchy, Expert, Hipster, and Hot Mess - these five are the latest portrayals of the "types" of moms you're bound to meet, according to Buzzfeed.  Are they lurking at your local playground, or are they online stereotypes who (thankfully) don't exist IRL?  

I'm going to preface this with the admission that my child hasn't entered preschool yet.  Most of my interactions with other parents occur at Mother Goose Rhyme time (a library program featuring a mouse who wears a themed skirt every week...not as frightening as it sounds), indoor swim class, and at the park.  

Occasionally I'll overhear some nonsense like "Oh, you got the Trader Joe's graham crackers - those are the good kind" ('s still a graham cracker) or a mother oohing and aaahing over the latest overpriced stroller accessory.  But overall, everyone just seems friendly enough and dare I say, normal.  I've yet to encounter any "mom types" like the ones featured in the above video, or in any of the endless memes and charts like this one.  

Say what?

Say what?


As far as such grossly exaggerated stereotypes go, I'm willing to bet I'm not the only mother who sees bits of every one of them in herself.  I hate being late for anything, but might arrive with breakfast stains on my pants (never poop, thank you).  My 18 month-old still breastfeeds, but I'm pretty sure my yearning for a new pair once she's done disqualifies me as a "crunchy hippie."  Being married to a musician and playing late 70s vinyl for my daughter might wreak of hipster-dom, but I'm anything but.  And you'll never hear my expert opinion on fitness or nutrition unless you're in a paid session (or reading this blog).  

What kind of mom am I?  The best I can be, and one who refuses to be labeled.