You NEED This Shadow Trio

If you're in your thirties, there's a strong chance your first makeup encounter was with Wet 'N' Wild, and not an actual beauty counter.  Investing your hard-earned babysitting money in cheap lip gloss, Studio Line hairspray, and of course, Gobstoppers and Bubbletape, was a rite of passage.

As a grown and sophisticated lady (ha!) I still find joy in this drugstore staple.  And I'm not alone! Check out and you'll read many a rave review of Wet 'N' Wild's Color Icon Trios.  

I stumbled upon Walking On Egg Shells years ago when I somehow forgot to pack my usual assortment of shadows for a work trip.  Unwilling to spend Sephora money on an emergency makeup kit, off to Walgreen's I went, and the rest is history.  Every time I wear this trio, Heather (my makeup-obsessed BFF and shade selection guru) asks what's on my lids.  I love when I can impress her with my handiwork, especially for a mere $2.99.

Rose gold and burnished bronze are my go-to shadow shades.  The farthest I'll stray from those is Toasted by Urban Decay.  If you're a neutral-loving gal like me, you'll love Walking On Egg Shells.  The colors stay put on their own, and paired with a primer (I'm currently using Smashbox Photo Finish Lid Primer) you can count on 10+ hours of perfect wear.  There's no fallout or creasing to speak of.

I find the brow bone color a bit light for my skin tone, but I still make use of it as a highlight for the inner corner of the eye.  The other two shades are on a holy-grail level for me, so I really don't care!

Go grab yours, and a candy aisle treat for old time's sake.