Primed For Success

Love your mascara, but not so much when it creeps off your lashes and under your eyes?  This $5 primer just might be your ticket to extra length and longevity.  

There are nine million different mascaras out there, each promising either dramatic volume, brow-skimming length, notable definition, or a combo of the three.  Toss in the ones that are geared toward a natural look and what you've got is a boat-load of choices.  

So why complicate things even further with the addition of a primer?

1.  You love the wand on your current mascara, but not the formula.

2.  Your lashes could use inserts, but you're too lazy/spastic/impatient to use them.

3.  You crave the staying power of a waterproof, but aren't actually going in water (and you're aware of the havoc wreaked on your lashes by tear-resistant formulas).  

I looooove primers, and have loved one or another for one of the above reasons at one time or another.  MUFE?  Amazing and fibrous, and delivers the drama.  The primer half of L'Oreal Double Extend was so perfectly undetectable underneath all my favorite mascaras, I was quick to forget the less than stellar one that comes with it.  Clinique Lash Building primer is another gem.   

When Heather tossed this new Wet N Wild Photo Focus primer into my basket during our latest CVS haul, I didn't argue.  Boasting an ingredient list full of vitamins and waxes, the brand positions the product as a lash lengthener and volumizer.  The former, to a degree.  The latter - not so much.  

What this product DOES do is keep your mascara in place for the duration of the day.  I tried it under three different mascaras - L'Oreal Voluminous, Black Radiance Full Effect, and Guerlain Cils D'Enfer Maxi Lash - and none of them budged.  

Although this is well worth double its price, I'm glad it's a Wet N Wild product and therefor dirt cheap.  Get it this week at CVS - the whole line is buy 2 get 1 free!