Gym Hack: Thanks, Home Depot

Love finishing your leg days with cable kickbacks, donkeys, and standing abduction, but feel grossed out by the ankle cuff?  Stop at a home improvement store before your next lower body workout.

The cable machine is your friend.  But that ankle cuff...ugh.  There's no sanitizing that thing.  I don't know what's on there - years of sweat, I'd be willing to guess - but whatever it is I don't want it touching my pants, never mind my bare leg.  Blech.  I think I just vomited in my mouth a little bit.

Booty Queen Amanda Latona performing cable abduction.

Booty Queen Amanda Latona performing cable abduction.

Sure, you could buy your own ankle cuff from a sporting goods store, but the ones I've found are constructed of flimsy foam and cheap velcro.  Fine if you're going to kick back five pounds for the rest of your gym days, but you're obviously a bad ass and that's not the case. 

Enter, the Husky Hang-All.  


-Made of steel.

-Comes with its own hook.

-Velcro is strong as all get out (meant to hang hoses, bikes, etc.)


-MUST be worn with long pants (lest you find telltale scratches all over your shins attractive).

I've recently started using the strap at home, paired with my bench and a heavy loop band.  It's a winning combo I hope to share via video with you soon!

Get your strap here.

Note: while I thank Home Depot for turning me on to this product while my husband was shopping for a drill, this is not a sponsored post.