TJ's Hand Cream

I love when the January chill sneaks up on me and renders my already overworked hands into sandpaper-covered mitts.  Awesome!  Hand cream is something I’ve never really kept up on.  When my aunt Denise gifted me with a tube of Trader Joe’s Ultra Moisturizing Hand Cream this Christmas, I didn’t think much of it.  Fast forward two weeks later, and I’m loving this crèma de manos like it was my hermano.  My hands are smooth to the touch (my test is to rub the back of my hand against my cheek), and not the slightest bit greasy.  Even my callouses seem a bit softer!  (Note to self: order new workout gloves).  So what’s in this cream that made me a believer?

The second ingredient, after water, is shea butter.  And then it dawned on me.  The TJ's hand cream is a dupe for the world-famous L’Occitane version.  FYI, the French luxury brand sells a tube of that stuff EVERY THREE SECONDS.  Amazing. 

At any rate, while the L’Occitane hand cream rings in at $12 an ounce, the TJ’s version will only set you back $12 for a 3 oz. tube.  I haven’t felt the pricier stuff in years and it may be richer, but the two products have very similar ingredients.  Coconut oil is actually further up on the ingredients list of the Trader Joe’s product, and they both contain 20% shea butter.

Next time you’re doing a Trader Joe’s haul, do your hands a favor and treat yourself!