MUAC: Professional Results, Drugstore Prices

My name is Nicole, and I am addicted to peels.  Whew.  Glad I got that off my chest.  So where does an addict get her fix?  I score on the cheap, at the seemingly little-known website, Makeup Artist's Choice.

Fine lines creeping in?  Get a peel.  Acne?  Yes, you need a peel.  Sun damage?  YOU my friend, most definitely need a peel.   

Peeling refers to chemical exfoliation, as opposed to physical or manual exfoliation - the act of using an abrasive product or tool on the skin's surface to remove dead skin.  Most skin types require both for optimal health, but no two regimens will be the same.  

The problem with peeling lays in it's cost-prohibitive nature.  A single professionally-administered peel can set you back $150.  Or, you can spend around $35 and do a series of eight at home.  I know...sounds too good to be true.  

Alas, it is true, but taking the following precautions is a MUST before embarking on this journey:

-Browse the selections offered by MUAC, and find one that suits your specific needs.  If you need further assistance, their customer service team will help you navigate the options.  Still undecided?  Take advantage of their generous sampling program.  You'll be able to score a single-use peel for as little as $2.50, plus the cost of shipping.

-Once you have that peel in your hot little hands, follow the directions TO THE LETTER.  Don't get all excited to get rid of some minor wrinkling and leave the stuff on your face for twice the recommended time.  You WILL be sorry.

-Three letters: S.P.F.  If you're not already using at least a 30 on a daily basis, don't even THINK about going near a peel.  Daily SPF is a must, especially after exposing new skin.  Going without sun protection makes new skin even more susceptible to visible damage, rendering the peel a waste of time and money.

I'm partial to the Radiance and Fade Peels, but have dabbled in the Glycolic line.  Again, follow the guidelines based on your needs.  I doubt you'll be disappointed.  

MUAC also produces an excellent manual exfoliator that holds its own against Dr. Brandt's Microdermabrasion.  Oh, and it goes for $22.50 as opposed to $79.  

Check out the full product line here!