Mizon Snail Recovery Gel Cream


It's all the rage now, but I've been obsessing over Asian skincare products for years.  Flying solo in Seoul, Hong Kong, and Singapore yielded some of my favorite beauty finds, but I'm truly spoiled by my proximity to Korea Town and Flushing, Queens - both a K-Beauty junkie's dream.  

What's not so dreamy?  Simultaneously battling the remnants of a picked over blemish (I know, I should know better) and a cut across your nose from a board book attack.  Luckily my BFF Heather, a beauty ADDICT if there ever was one, hooked me up with snail secretions for Chistmas.  Yes!

Legend has it that the ancient Greeks used snail secretions to soothe skin inflammation.  Now you'll find it listed as an ingredient in everything from sheet masks to eye cream.  The Tony Moly store has a whole section devoted to the slimy stuff.  

The concept sounded a bit gimmicky.  I was skeptical that this would do anything, let alone any kind of "healing" as Heather claimed it would.  But after a week of twice daily applications, I'm a convert: the raised cut on my nose is nearly invisible, and the blemish, which may have been a cyst, is flattened and markedly less red.  Overall my skin looks a bit brighter - a bonus since I've been using the Mizon in place of my usual Vitamin C serum.  My bestie had initially purchased this product to reduce milia around the eyes, and had great success with that condition as well.   

The texture is extremely lightweight and feels a bit sticky upon application.  I suppose that's to be expected given that the formulation is 74% snail secretion filtrate.  Within 30 seconds it magically disappears into the skin without a trace of tackiness.  

Will I repurchase this product?  At $10.99 a tube, absolutely.  Get yours at Amazon.