Beauty Oils – Beyond Coconut Oil

Eye makeup remover.  Cuticle soother.  Hair treatment.  Occasional butter replacement.  Yes, coconut oil has earned its place in my beauty arsenal, and in a pinch, it makes its way into a cake recipe.  

However, when it comes to choosing a face oil, I appreciate a product that's liquid at room temperature and easily absorbed.  And if the price is right?  Even better!  

If the December chill is making your mug tight, dry, or downright dull, consider adding one of these oils to your regimen.  I follow the LOC method (liquid, oil, cream) in the evening, utilizing a Vitamin C serum layered under an oil, followed by a light lotion (currently CeraVe).  Brush your teeth and comb your hair between steps to allow for absorption.  

Avocado Oil – You already know this creamy fruit is nutritious and versatile, so it's no surprise that it works wonders for the skin  - and hair.  Rich in monounsaturated fatty acids and Vitamin E, avocado oil delivers a 1-2 punch of moisturization and anti-oxidant benefit.  Though the texture is a bit more viscous than liquified coconut oil, it spreads and absorbs quickly and easily.  

Rosehip Seed Oil – I'd heard a plethora of testimonials extolling the virtues of this oil as a HG (holy grail) product, specifically for scar reduction.  What really sold me?  It contains trans-retinoic acid, a topical form of vitamin A. Retinol, or Retin-A is one of the most, if not THE most widely studied skincare ingredient for acne, wrinkles, and photodamage.  While rosehip seed oil may not be as potent as its prescription counterpart, it is arguably gentler and boasts an impressive essential fatty acid profile.

Emu Oil –  The sign in the window of a local health food store taunted me for weeks: "Emu oil – nature's Botox." Sound too good to be true?  It turns out that a more apt description might be "Emu oil – nature's Restylane," but fillers aren't as synonymous with wrinkle control as is Botox.  At any rate, this oil is like no other I've felt before. It disappears into skin instantly, and is more akin to a serum than an actual oil.  The result is temporarily plumped-up skin that's smooth to the touch.  Check out some other uses for this bird-derived beauty elixir.  

Looking to splurge?  Here's a list of high-end face oils, just in time for the holidays.

Stay smooth…and Vibrant!