Time to Run!

It's often said that the best exercise is the kind you'll do and enjoy.  For me, that's resistance training.  The weight room is my happy place, and when I can't make it there, I turn to my carefully-curated selection of home equipment. Dedicated cardio is something I do once every three years, whether I need it or not.  I see it as a thief of time that could be spent improving my deadlift or tinkering with the latest lunge variation.  

So, why on earth did I just register for my first 5k?

It's a SMART goal.  Yes, I know…the best exercise is the kind you'll enjoy, and I don't enjoy running.  But achieving a SMART (Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic, Time-bound) goal geared toward physical activity will be rewarding. My goal is to complete a 5k race within 45 minutes on December 13.  I've also set a physique-oriented goal to maintain my current body weight and decrease body fat percentage by 1%.  If you have a feeling it's time to mix things up with your workout routine, expand your horizons one SMART goal at a time. 

Pride in my community.  I'm not sure if it's the salty air or the fact that bathing suit season seems to last well into the fall, but Long Beach residents are one active bunch!  Whether biking, jogging, surfing, swimming, stretching, or jumping, they all seem to be exercising and I LOVE IT.  This ever-present kinetic energy recently inspired me to ride a bike – for the first time in 25 years! After completing the race, who knows?  Paddle boarding might be next.  Visit active.com to register for races and other activities in your community.  

Tis the season!  This particular 5k benefits Toys for Tots.  Bringing a new, unwrapped toy will serve as extra incentive to actually show up and not hide under the covers (or at the gym) come race day.  Oh, and it's a great excuse to buy myself an early Christmas present – running shoes!


This post originally appeared on the Vibrant Health website.