The Sling’s the Thing – Baby-Wearing Benefits

You’ve heard that using a sling or carrier might soothe a colicky baby, enhance a preemie’s neural development, and help forge bonds between baby and other adults who wear him or her.  Being carried protects baby from unwelcome touches from strangers, and also allows him or her to experience the world through your interactions.  But what’s in it for YOU, mom? 

1.  Multitask, Multitask, Multitask

Did you suddenly stop producing laundry once your baby was born?  Not have to cook anymore?  Oh, the floors started vacuuming themselves?  Don’t we wish!  Wearing your baby gives you the freedom to manage your household and keep some semblance of order.  NEVER wear your baby near an open flame, take care with cutlery, and don’t even THINK about wearing your baby while using harsh cleaners like bleach.  Use your common sense and CARRY on!

2. Navigate Tight Spaces

My husband I were living in the Bronx when our daughter first came home from the hospital.  The aisles in our local supermarket are ALMOST as wide as my thigh gap.  Securing baby in her carrier made it a breeze for me to run out to the store, grab what I needed, and not be a nuisance to other shoppers.  Strollers have a time and a place – a glorified bodega after 3pm is not one of them.

3. That FIT MOM BOD…

Wearing your newborn for a stroll is lovely.  Strapping your 20-pound infant to your chest and going for a power walk is a workout.  In fact, I give baby-carrying the bulk of the credit for my postpartum weight loss. Adjust your carrier according to your baby’s weight gain so you can walk comfortably, and get clearance from your doctor if you have prior back and hip issues.

Your baby isn’t ACTUALLY a cute kettlebell – stick to walking while wearing him or her and save more strenuous exercise for your well-deserved alone time.

Not sure which baby carrier is right for you?  Check out for some great tips.  I wore the NuRoo Kangaroo care shirt until my daughter was big enough for the ErgoBaby Original.