Cuisinart Mini Prep Plus DLC-2A

Does anyone remember Ja Rule’s 2000 summer jam “Put It On Me”?  He asks “where would I be without you,” opining the thought alone is so painful it might break him.  He may very well have been crooning to his Cuisinart Mini Prep Plus.  I bust this genius little devil out of the cabinet every day – at least twice.  Not only does it make quick work of all my favorite sauces and marinades (pesto and green salsa, anyone?), it pulls double duty pureeing fruits and veg for baby.  Be without my Mini Prep Plus?  I shudder at the thought!

Breville Smart Oven

This compact, countertop convection oven is my go-to for roasting vegetables, baking quick breads, and making the crispiest bacon.  I especially appreciate not turning on my full-size oven as the weather gets warmer, and this is just the right size to fit my Staub Cocotte for dishes like pulled pork.  Essentially the best wedding gift ever.  Thanks, Mama (grandma).