5 Expert Tips for Managing Postpartum Hair

Tucked comfortably into a pair of skinny jeans, makeup done, and heels on, you'd think I'd be feeling pretty good about myself skipping out for a girl's night with my dear friend Amy.  She rarely gets to visit NY, and I was stoked to meet her at a hidden gem of an underground Japanese restaurant.  All good stuff, but something was amiss - actually, missing: my hair.   

Beauty Oils – Beyond Coconut Oil

Eye makeup remover.  Cuticle soother.  Hair treatment.  Occasional butter replacement.  Yes, coconut oil has earned its place in my beauty arsenal, and in a pinch, it makes its way into a cake recipe. However, when it comes to choosing a face oil, I appreciate a product that's liquid at room temperature and easily absorbed.  And if the price is right?  Even better!