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Nourishment in the NICU

Having a baby in the NICU has a way of shifting your priorities.  Though that tiny little person will undoubtedly be your number one concern, don’t lose track of your nutritional needs!  Whether you’re faced with a grueling commute to the hospital or the task of caring for other little ones at home, making sure you’re adequately nourished is more important now than ever.  Here’s how to fuel your day – no vending machine necessary.

Shame-Free Grocery Shopping

Labels, labels, labels.  As a teenager, heading back to school might inspire "label" anxiety - that of the "did I get the right sneakers?" variety.  But modern moms (and dads) experience a label anxiety all their own - at the supermarket.  If you've ever felt the wrath of mom-shaming, read on: here's your cheat-sheet on the myriad of food labels.  Consider it a permission slip to shop guilt-free.